— m A Y  2 0 1 8 —
Legacy & Legends

2nd Editions


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Same Carly. Same story.
Just a little... shifted.

Young Adult Dark Fantasy;
Cover Design – Michelle Roxanne Bredeson

L e g a c y


16-year-old Carly never quite fit in.
Now she knows why.

After her mother’s death, Carly Morneau is uprooted from her home in the Twin Cities and forced to relocate to idyllic Sterling on the North Shore of Minnesota.

Carly is surprisingly welcomed by the most exclusive clique at her new school, including intriguing Gabriel. But it soon becomes apparent her friends aren’t what they seem, and membership in their group isn’t optional —it’s a birthright.

Carly is a full blood shapeshifter—a supernatural entity endowed with the ability to morph into an animal form at will. Until she can summon her power and shift for the first time, her pure blood makes her vulnerable to ruskahs—vampire-like creatures intent on drinking her dead. Can Gabriel and the other shapeshifters protect Carly from the monsters on her tail? Or will Carly finally shift, and save herself?

Young Adult Dark Fantasy;
Cover Design – Michelle Roxanne Bredeson

L e g e n d s


Carly’s dreams are finally coming true.
But so are her nightmares.

Carly Morneau has everything she’s ever wanted: a tight-knit group of friends, a perfect boyfriend, and the supernatural ability to shapeshift into her primary form as a small, white fox. Life in the shoreside town of Sterling, Minnesota can’t get any better.

That is until Carly discovers her boyfriend, Gabriel, has been keeping secrets—about both his past and the amethyst skull. As the truth comes out, the group unravels, and Carly turns to the most unlikely ally. But a friendship with Abel soon transitions into something else, and it’s not the only thing changing.

Sharla’s father, Damon, and his new family of shapeshifters are visiting from Romania, but they seem to have more than a reunion planned. Is Carly overreacting when she senses Damon’s intentions are sinister, or is she not acting soon enough? Will her gut instinct lead her on a wild goose chase, or save her life?