What is the cost of art? Not the cost of a paperback book, or a painting on a museum wall. But what is the cost of art to the artist?


In November 2012, I set out to write what I knew would be a different kind of story for me. A story that had a definite end before I even began. A story that had to be written a certain way, though I knew not what for at the time. A story that I did not want to write but penned anyway.

What is the cost of art? Sleep to Dream, a young adult horror/romance novel, explores that very question when seventeen-year-old Pepper Montgomery finds what she believes to be the greatest love of her life only to lose him. Out of that devastation is born both passion and talent for art beyond Pepper’s wildest dreams. But what does she ultimately trade to make the things in her head tangible to the world? What do I? What does any human cursed with this romantic notion called creativity?

I write stories because I cannot help myself, and publish to let go. It is with great pleasure that I let go of this story, put it on a shelf, give it a tangible reality so I can free up some real estate in my mind. I may never know the true cost of art, what it actually takes of me, what it actually takes of any of us, but I sure as hell feel it with every book I create. So, here’s a toast to that brief, incomparable high I get every time I finish a novel, and to the decades of my life lived working toward those moments. Cheers.

Full paperback cover art (with bleed) • Paperback trim size: 5.25" x 8"
Cover Design, Photography & Painting - Michelle Roxanne Bredeson

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