Good Morning

Mood/Music Monday

It's a good morning to drink way too much coffee and listen to music with The Walking Dead playing in the background...

Bright Eyes
Going for the Gold

There's a film on the wall
Makes the people look small
Who are sitting beside it
All consumed in the drama
They must return to their lives once the hero has died
They will drive to the office
Stopping somewhere for coffee

Fire Away

So if you finally roped that heartbreak song
That the experts never could
Or if you just wanted someone to listen to you play
Then fire away

Red Cow

Before the Red Sea flood beneath a cornhusk dawn
We bid the Elkhorn run to a locomotive psalm
Until the pale horse comes along a rail withdrawn
Clanging loudward on

Pedro the Lion
Bad Things to Such Good People

My jail shoes on
The well kept cemetery lawn
Both of them weeping
Their one good son now was gone

Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs
Old Before Your Time

Ain't it about time you realize
it's not worth keepin' score?
You win some, you lose some and you let it go
What's the use of stacking on every failure another stone?
Till you find you've spent your whole damn life
Building walls

Samantha Crain
Up on the Table

Can't think my own ideas
Like a vampire
In the mirror shaking hands
With a ventriloquist

The Weepies
They're in Love, Where am I?

Lovers walk two by two
Doing things lovers do
They're in love, where am I?

*I have always admired this brilliantly clever song title...

Sonny Feeling

You know it's true
The other shoe
It waits for you
What can you do?
Remember to show gratitude
The darkest night is nothing new

Like Spinning Plates

While you make pretty speeches
I'm being cut to shreds
You feed me to the lions
A delicate balance

Regina Spektor
The Party

You’re like a party somebody threw me
You taste like birthday
You look like New Year's