Colors Mix & Textures Form

Tonight I started a project that I've been wanting to work on for a long time—a series of 4 paintings (horizontal, 11x14) to hang above my king-size bed. Abstract art is very therapeutic for me, as I take great comfort in losing myself in my work. My goal as a painter is to shape the paint much in the same way emotions are formed in the brain—in varying layers, never quite defined but definitely present and demanding to be heard.

Though I can write the shit out of a story, I sometimes struggle to funnel my emotions into words. Painting allows me to visually communicate what's going through my brain in a way that words could never quite articulate. I find great pleasure in exploring the ways colors mix and textures form once I have the paint on the canvas. I can turn off my mind or crank it all the way up—whichever I'm in the mood for. 



Run the Jewels

I've never been much of shit
By most measurements don't exist
On the radar a little blip
In the shadow of motherships
Been smothered and brashly muffled
By hucksters of global spin
Like the sign on my back says "stab me,
my soul is your little bitch"
But maybe you should be careful
When flipping a stranger's switch
Like assuming the war is won
Ain't a symptom of arrogance
When nothing to lose a step up
Then everything's for the win
So we grin in the face of frauds
And tell monsters to suck our dick
I live to spit on your grave
My existence is to disgrace you
The kitten became a lion
That look at your face like great food
That's why we got the people behind us
While other rappers are vaginas for the fame
The jewel runners will always stay rude
Motherfuck your permission
Was never yours to begin with
And every bar of the bitch shit you spit
Is your fucking prison
I been here making raw shit
And never asked to be lauded
Run the Jewels is the answer
Your question is "what's poppin'?"