Get With The Program

Mood/Music Monday

I was rewatching this week's episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver as I threw this playlist together. If you haven't seen Last Week Tonight, all I can say is GET WITH THE PROGRAM. In all sincerity, it's one of my favorite shows on television right now.

Death Cab for Cutie
Black Sun

Bright Eyes

Aesop Rock

The Raconteurs
You Don't Understand Me

Jenny Lewis
Just One of the Guys

Against Me!
Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Hail Mary Mallon

Kimya Dawson
Featuring Aesop Rock
Miami Advice

First Aid Kit
My Silver Lining

Death Cab for Cutie
El Dorado

*For whatever insane reason, this song triggers flashbacks of the 1980's Nickelodeon cartoon The Mysterious Cities of Gold.