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We also listened to Cameron Esposito's album Same Sex Symbol. Cameron is my favorite comic right now, maybe ever. Plus, I mean, that hair.

This past weekend, my husband, Casey, and I made a trip down to White Lake, SD for my dad's wedding. Like most road trips, we took turns choosing the music, giving a unique soundtrack to the fourteen-hour round-trip drive. I love traveling, getting out on the road, seeing what adventure awaits. Even if it's to a place I've already been, I've visited a million times, there's freedom in driving down an open road, a whole world out there ready to be explored.

Jack White
Three Women

*I wasn't able to make it to his performance at the Fargo Theatre last night, but I had a front-row seat to the live stream, and it was fantastically amazing. I'm a patient woman, Mr. White, and I'm sure I'll see you in the future when you've decided to start performing again.

The Avalanches
Frontier Psychiatrist

*Just, amazing.

Old Love

I need three pours just to
Walk through the door
Be civil and not make a scene
The only thing dripping is contempt as she
Hands me a box from the pharmacy

*Yes, that's one Mr. David Bazan on vocals. LOVE.

Jason Isbell
Traveling Alone

*That's his wife in the video with him, in case you need to excuse away your tears as you listen.

Conor Oberst
Enola Gay

*I was curious about the title Enola Gay, and stumbled upon references to an 1886 novel, a Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber, and a 1980 anti-war synthpop song. Fascinating reading.

The Clash
Rock the Casbah

*This one's just a classic.

Beastie Boys
Hey Ladies

*The phrase "Hey Ladies" as sung in this song gets stuck in my head quite frequently. I have no idea why.

Monsters of Folk
Say Please

*I've been a fan of this album since its release, but hadn't viewed the video until recently. It's wonderful.

Run the Jewels
Blockbuster Night Part I

*Admittedly, I wouldn't know of Run the Jewels were it not for my husband, but I can't seem to stop listening to them.

Del Barber
Peter and Jenny Lee

*I've had the privilege of seeing Del Barber perform at a house show, and he spent almost as much time telling stories as he did singing. As you can imagine, I'm a pretty big fan of the combination.

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