The Easy Part

Mood/Music Monday

I've spent my morning drinking coffee (duh) and catching up on last night's season finale of The Walking Dead, along with its companion episode of Talking Dead. I must admit, at one point I did scream at the TV, "Daryl better not die!" It was a satisfying finale, and I'm excited for the next season.

My husband always teases me that were we in a zombie apocalypse, I'd need to raid the nearest Sephora ASAP. (It's in Winnipeg, two hours northish under ideal driving conditions, in the Polo Park mall, not that it matters.) While I do love me some high-end beauty products, my priorities would change along with my circumstances, and I would adapt. I would adapt, and I would survive.

I can't help but to admire the character of Carol, who went from a timid, abused housewife to a woman who not only knows what she's capable of, but who's smart enough to play the part she's expected to play. It's quite an advantage, when people make assumptions about you based on your appearance and they're wrong. Surviving zombies would be the easy part; it's navigating people that would truly make it hell on earth.

Georgie James
Cake Parade

Jack White
I'm Shakin'


*The music from this song has been stuck in my head for 3 days...

Tom Petty
It's Good to be King

First Aid Kit
A Long Time Ago

Headphones/David Bazan
Gas and Matches

Fountains of Wayne
You Curse at Girls

The Avett Brothers
Slight Figure of Speech

Conor Oberst
Synesthete Song

Ben Folds Five
Hold That Thought

She broke down and cried
At the strip mall acupuncturist
While the world went on outside

*Some of my favorite song lyrics ever

The White Stripes
Effect and Cause

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