Mirror Makeover

I finally finished this mirror makeover project that I started last week. I have a tendency to use a lot of paint, so I let it dry for a few days while I was in the Twin Cities. Applying tape to the inside perimeter of the mirror had been tricky; removing it required an X-ACTO knife. It's finally up on the wall, and I love, Love, LOVE how it turned out.

While I'd love nothing more than to spend all day, every day, making art, it's simply not practical. I especially can't concentrate on anything artistic if my house isn't clean. Those dishes in the sink will be in the back of my mind all day, so I might as well just do them now. That turns into vacuuming and changing the sheets on my bed and Febrezing everything and running to the grocery store and before I know it, it's 6 p.m. That's my start time for blogging or painting or editing this GD book that I'm so anxious to put to bed. But that also means my house will (hopefully) still be clean this weekend, and I can get some real work done. That's the plan anyway.

Acrylic on mirror I bought at TJ Maxx like 6 years ago.



Jack White
Alone In My Home

The ghosts
That visit me the most
Drop by
'Cause they know they can find me here

And they claim
To be help from me in chains
But come on
They're guilty as sin, my dear

I'm becoming a ghost
Becoming a ghost
So nobody can know me

Michelle BredesonComment