They Talk So I Don't Have To

I'm much better at digesting other people's conversations than initiating my own. This particularly shows up in my work. My books tend to be very dialogue heavy, and thus a lot of storytelling is done in conversations between characters. I freely let them speak, work out their issues, maturely face their fears. They talk so I don't have to. And if I may say so, they are damn smart about it.

Written dialogue, much like speech, is so much more than what comes out of someone's mouth. A lot can be inferred about how someone takes something through body language and facial expression. Also, the manner in which one delivers conversation can differentiate him or her from other characters. I prefer to write dialogue as people actually speak, which often includes filler words (i.e. "like") and awkward pauses when called for. Some readers find this annoying, if not offensive. That's how I feel when I overhear a similar conversation in real life. At least I'm getting my point across.



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