I'm Back, Baby!

Mood/Music Monday

I've spent the last month and a half dealing with a nasty case of gastritis, which is basically the stomach flu from hell that stretches out and ultimately culminates in a night in the hospital. Fun. I'm finally on the mend, and finally feeling more like myself (thanks in part to my kickass husband, Casey, and a visit from two of my best friends in the whole world, Stephanie and Melody).

I haven't really listened to music or cared at all what I've looked like for at least three weeks, and it's rejuvenating to spend some time getting reacquainted with the Michelle I know and love. That Michelle has a book to publish, and it's about damn time I get back to it.

Man on the Moon

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
Skeleton Key

The Avett Brothers
Morning Song

Conor Oberst

Samantha Crain
The Pattern Has Changed

Beach House

Ben Folds

David Bazan
Priests and Paramedics

Death of a Salesman

Like Spinning Plates

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