Night Owl

I write best at night. That's just the way I'm wired. There is a clear difference between writing at 10 a.m. when my thoughts just aren't ready to stick together, and writing at 7 p.m. when my brain is alive and awake and ready to work.

Yeah, there are some mornings when I pick up my laptop and start writing right away. When that happens, I usually spend the entire day working. But it's more of a struggle in the morning, when my mind's at a creative low. I haven't really had time to wake up yet. I haven't had time to mull over my day yet. I need to live a little before I'm ready to write myself into another world.

And then comes the night time, and my imagination is alive. I don't have to try because the words just fall from my fingertips. I don't stumble over plot because my mind doesn't make any obstacles. Yes, I can write in the morning, alongside a pot of coffee, if I have to. But it will never come to me like it does right now, when it's just so easy to string my thoughts into a story.



Arcade Fire
Here Comes The Night Time

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