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I mostly listen to albums (start to finish), occasionally the Bright Eyes channel on Pandora, and 89.3 The Current when I'm in the Twin Cities. But mostly albums, and often by a single artist for multiple days/weeks at a time. Yeah, I get a little obsessive.

But I haven't always been this way. Once upon a time, MTV played actual music videos (sarcasm intended), and between that and Casey's Top 40, I developed an eclectic taste in music. The first video I remember liking for myself (not because someone else liked it) was Motown Philly by Boyz II Men. I wasn't allowed to own non-Christian music, but got around that by recording songs from Casey's Top 40 onto blank cassettes via a cheap K-Mart tape player. I'd listen through headphones throughout the week, constantly updating to the latest, most popular songs.

What I was listening to didn't really start to matter until Nirvana came along. Nevermind was love at first listen. Just like that, I had a preference. Thankfully, "grunge" was mainstream, which meant I had access to music that sounded like other music that I liked. (The Internet didn't exist in my world yet, so I had to take what I could get.) I slowly began to acquire a stash of cassettes hidden in my sock drawer—Jesus Jones, Ace of Base (not ashamed!), and Arrested Development. Then came CD's—Nirvana, Hole, REM, Counting Crows, The Breeders, Green Day. That was in addition to the Christian stuff I was allowed to have—MxPx, Poor Old Lu, Dakoda Motor Co., Danielson, Pegtop (basically anything weird that I could special-order from the local Christian bookstore.) Then, in the early 2000's, I heard Lifted for the first time, and much like with Nevermind, it changed the entire way I view music.

I appreciate individuals who can sing without Auto-Tune, play their own instruments, and feel something besides cash in their hands. A good album pulls me inside the mind of the creator, and makes me feel like I'm somehow there alongside them, and we're figuring our way through things together. It gives me my own personal experience with that particular piece of art—and in that simple act, another art form is created. Connection.

I suppose that's how a lot of people feel when they read a book. Hmmm. I guess I'd better get back to work.

Everything In Its Right Place


In its right place

Kimya Dawson
Same Shit / Complicated


To make this world work
It takes all different kinds
We all have different tastes
Different strengths
Different minds

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
O' What A Nightmare!


I can't believe we got warm by a fire
Fed with my manuscript
What a nightmare

Clarence White


You think it's pretty (oh no)
I am a raging river
I'll cut through your city (oh no)
Just like destroying angel



Call me consumer
The entertainment hunter
I bit the hook
That I will never be good enough

Regina Spektor
All The Rowboats


All the galleries, the museums
Here's your ticket, welcome to the tombs
They're just public mausoleums
The living dead fill every room

Country Disappeared


The snowflakes break
through the atmosphere
And melt on the blue breath
of the auctioneers
and disappear

The White Stripes
A Martyr For My Love For You


And on the phone
I could not compete
My dumb-love fake competence
was getting weak

Conor Oberst
Zigzagging Toward The Light


I'm blessed with a heart that doesn't stop
My mind's a weathervane
It spins around just like a top


Conor Oberst
Common Knowledge


So just go out with a bang
like Hemingway
Some will say you're brave
Some will say you ain't

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