It is often assumed that because I'm an avid writer, I must also be an avid reader. Well, I used to be. I grew up devouring every book I could get my hands on, always looking to slip into some fantasy world. Now, I spend most of my free time writing, which leaves little time to read. (Although, I did finish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson a few months back, which I couldn't more highly recommend.)

Music is far and away my greatest artistic influence. Whatever my mood, there is something to match it. There is always a song, an album, a band that just gets me in a way nothing else can. Writers read books to figure out how to tell a story. I already know how to tell a story. What I need is a soundtrack.

Headphones/David Bazan
I Never Wanted You


I know you never suspected
Because I never said
Baby, I was faking the whole time

Bright Eyes
Tourist Trap


All the frets on the board
My progression of chords
Oh, how I wish this would resolve

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
A Journalist Falls In Love With Deathrow
Inmate #16


He wrote me letters daily from prison
That said "I know I've killed a few
But none of those women were you"

The Avett Brothers
Ten Thousand Words


Ten thousand words
swarm around my head
Ten million more in books
written beneath my bed

The Decemberists
The Engine Driver


I am a writer, writer of fictions
I am the heart that you call home
And I've written pages upon pages
Trying to rid you from my bones


Ben Folds Five
Do It Anyway


You might put your love and trust
on the line
It's risky, people love to tear that down
Let 'em try

Father John Misty
I'm Writing a Novel


And I'm writing a novel
because it's never been done before

Ashes Of American Flags


I'm down on my hands and knees
every time I hear the doorbell ring
I shake like a toothache
every time I hear myself sing




It seems that you could use another fool
Well, I'm cruel

Exit Music (For A Film)


Breathe, keep breathing
I can't do this alone

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