Relative Term

I tend not to compare myself to other artists because that is a hard and fast formula for insecurity. Maybe I haven't reached their level of success. Maybe they haven't reached mine. Success is such a tricky word anyway, with different meanings for different people.

Instead of asking, what would make me successful? I prefer to ask, what would make me happy? I'm not looking to be Scrooge McDuck, swimming through piles of gold coins (I bruise too easily for that.) I consider myself successful when I'm productive with the time and talent I've been given to do or make something that otherwise wouldn't have happened were it not for my effort.

But what if, in the grand scheme of things, I still fail?

Failure is another relative term that only leaves me guessing. What does it mean to fail? Does failure happen when I fall short of the standards that have been set for me by my predecessors? Or does failure happen simply because I don't try?

Sometimes it's good to get caught up in questions without black and white answers. I've never been one to fear gray areas. Just don't let the questions distract you from why you started asking them in the first place.



Down Is The New Up

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