Nothing Days

The pot of coffee I drank this morning hasn't really kicked in yet, my body aches from a cold that is inevitably coming, and I want nothing more than The Avett Brothers to sing me to sleep. But I am writing, because writing makes me the best version of myself.

I wish I could choose when creativity strikes, but it doesn't really work that way. Some days my brain overflows with ideas, emotions, poetry. Some days I'm fortunate enough to sit down and lose myself in my laptop for hours on end, unaware of the outside world. And some days I've got nothing.

These nothing days don't make me any less of a writer. Nobody's on all the time. But they do remind me that inspiration is what I make of it, and I don't have to rely on some magical mood to make something beautiful. I'll leave you with the pep talk I give myself every day: Make art, not excuses. Looks like we've still got some time to turn this into a non-nothing day.

Michelle BredesonComment