Like most artists, I prefer to express myself through more than one medium. My main artistic medium, my life, is writing, although I do enjoy dabbling in other art forms from time to time.

Writing a novel is tedious detail. It requires paying attention through 60/70/80/90,000 words. Everything must be spelled out and accounted for. Nothing can be left to chance. Although I find the process quite agreeable, it is still work.

Painting, however, lends itself to freedom. I do not have a steady hand. I cannot draw to save my life. I'll leave that to the skilled, to the individuals who get out of it what I get out of writing. For this artist, paint is a way to tell a story through pure emotion. It is not so much the color pallet that speaks to me, but the texture—the way the paint unapologetically piles on my canvas.

Art certainly means different things to different people. Find the medium that works for you, whatever it is, and don't waste your thoughts worrying if it speaks to anyone else. After all, how are you so certain they're even listening?

Michelle BredesonComment