90's Rewind

Mood/Music Monday

I'm listening to this week's playlist for the second time through now, and it's astounding the memories it's bringing back. Like seeing Fountains of Wayne open for Smashing Pumpkins in Sioux Falls, SD thanks to a very generous friend who gave me a ticket. Or buying a sampler CD with Veruca Salt's Number One Blind on it from the music store in the Huron, SD mall back when music stores were still a thing.

People tend to find nostalgia in the music of their youth—I know I certainly do. We hold onto the exciting parts of our lives, the times when we've felt the most freedom. What a wonderful thing that so much emotion can be tied up in a song.

Blind Melon
No Rain

In Bloom

Losing My Religion

Counting Crows
Raining In Baltimore

Soul Asylum
Runaway Train


Arrested Development
Mr. Wendal

Fountains of Wayne
Radiation Vibe

Veruca Salt
Number One Blind

Green Day
Basket Case

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