Good Enough

I came across this Sylvia Plath quote while browsing Pinterest this morning, and it really struck me.

It's easy to be an artist when you've got a community of individuals praising you, cheering you on, sometimes even holding your hand.

It's not always easy being an artist when no one seems to give a shit, when people just know you as this vague label and don't bother seeing you outside of that.

Sustaining the passion it takes to consistently produce meaningful art is nothing short of exhausting. It's easy to get down on myself, especially when the sun just won't seem to come out of hiding. But even on days like today, when I feel so raw and spent, when all I want is another cup of coffee and some alone time, I'm glad I'm an artist. Maybe no one will ever understand my point of view, but that's okay. I don't expect them to. 

I'll just be over here writing, and that's good enough.

Michelle Bredeson2 Comments