Put Music To Our Troubles And We'll Dance Them Away

Mood/Music Monday

For some, music is background noise. For me, it's a second language. It's a way that I both interpret and communicate with the world. It puts into words what I cannot, connects with my thoughts, decrees emotion. It both starts and ends my day, playing from the iPhone hidden in my pocket or purse. It connects through Bluetooth speakers or headphones, sometimes streamed through a YouTube video over my Apple TV. Regardless of the medium, music is an ever-present part of my life.

Sometimes the soundtrack in my brain includes a Ramones song, triggered by a row of designated family  spaces in the Ikea Winnipeg parking lot (see below). Sometimes it's a trilogy of songs from an artist's first album that—to be properly appreciated—should be listened to together, in order (see below). And sometimes it's the final song on St. Vincent's Strange Mercy, which seeing performed live reminds me what an amazing guitar player Annie Clark truly is (see below).

Whatever music means to you, I hope it means something. I hope there's some artist/album/song out there that makes you stop every time you hear it. I hope there's a chord or a chorus that brings up all the happy moments of your life, or gives you a kick in the face right when you need it. Because it does all of those things for me.

Bullet to Binary


When you say you love him, taste me
I'm like poison on your tongue





The Ghost


Put music to our troubles
And we'll dance them away





Nice & Blue


A life left half behind, though no longer
Blind I can't yet see

Arcade Fire
Keep The Car Running


And they don't know
When it's coming, oh when is it coming?
Keep the car running

Maria Taylor
The Ballad of Sean Foley


Always finds a muse
Everywhere he goes
Whether it's the blues
Or some abandoned show tune

Margot & The Nuclear So And So's
Arvydas Sabonis


Always been strange
Never seemed cool
A Lithuanian
I wanted as a friend

The Ramones
We're A Happy Family


Sitting here in Queens
Eating refried beans
We're in all the magazines
Gulpin' down thorazines


St. Vincent
Year Of The Tiger


I had to be the best of the bourgeoisie
And my kingdom for a cup of coffee

Taylor Hollingsworth
Keep Comin' Back


How much longer gonna drag me along
But keep comin' back?

Stories Don't End


'Cause if you're telling a story
At some point you stop
But stories don't end

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