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Mood/Music Monday

There's something about a song that captures memories and holds them to be relived every time it plays. It's not just music and lyrics, it's a composition of experiences attached to that particular track. There's a connection that can't be unmade, a feeling that can't be let go.

Sometimes the memories are epic, and sometimes they're simple—just a moment of life summed up in an album or song.

A few years back, my husband, Casey, gave me AA Bondy's Believers for Christmas. He said it was playing when he walked into The Electric Fetus, and he just knew it was something I'd love. And it was. It will forever remind me of Christmas vacation with my in-laws—a house in Duluth with knotty pine walls, my bare feet skipping over snow as I race to the outdoor hot tub, sipping coffee while skimming pages of Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan. Just another album in the soundtrack of my every day life.

Monsters of Folk
The Right Place


If you like what you're saying
When you open your face
Then you got the right feeling
You're in the right place

AA Bondy
Surfer King


And the surfer king
Will show me everything
In the great, green flash of the evening

Arcade Fire
Normal Person


I'm so confused, am I a normal person?
You know, I can't tell if I'm a normal person


Atoms for Peace
Stuck Together Pieces—————————————————————————

Well, I don't want any trouble
But my brain is in a tangle

The Avett Brothers
Skin and Bones


It's who I am that won't let me alone
Growing stronger and loud

Jeremy Messersmith


I'm gonna hurt you, make you cry
Only thing I need is time


East Enders Wives


And as the past and all plans are undone
Slowly sank like the shipwrecked sun
Bridges and boats burning them both
Burned up the sky

Pedro the Lion
Of Minor Prophets And Their Prostitute Wives


All the time you were burning my letters
You were only acting the part

Jim James
All Is Forgiven


I follow all the wrong dreams
Lost in man's schemes
Oh, Lord
I pray that all is forgiven

Bright Eyes
I Must Belong Somewhere


Leave the novelist in [her] daydream tune


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