Broken I

I consider writing to be my life's work, a labor of love. I demand a lot from myself, and am my own worst critic. Because of that, writing (editing in particular) doesn't always feel like the freeing experience that I believe art should be. However, I find freedom in other art forms—like painting.

Broken I – Acrylic on Canvas

My solitary goal in painting is to put emotion on canvas. The piece above, which I did last night, is inspired by Bloodline: Broken. I feel it captures the continuous struggle to dicipher what's real and what's imagined. Or rather, one's need to believe what they're being spoon fed, even if it isn't always logical.

Regardless of the medium, art should elicit some kind of emotion. It should make the viewer/reader/listener feel something. That unique experience between an individual and a painting, or a book, or a song—when a personal connection is made—is perhaps the greatest reward an artist can hope to attain.

Michelle BredesonComment