Back to Work

I woke up too early to a cat who was making it clear that she wanted food, and a dog who was jealous of the cat. One thing led to another, and here I sit drinking a caramel soy latte and trying to turn a negative [waking up hours before I would have liked] into a positive [more time to write].

I spent my afternoon yesterday in Grand Forks, ND doing a reading/book signing at the Public Library. It was my second time there, and I once again had an amazing experience [they even made me a cake with the cover art of my second book!]. I also had my first television interview, which, thanks to a very long wait at a restaurant, I missed by about five minutes.

Now that I'm back in writing mode, it's time to get some work done. I managed to get a couple pages down last night, and I hope to get a lot more than that done before the end of the day...