My life has been much too busy lately, but I've been trying to edit this book in spite of it. My day job will be pretty hectic for the next week, and then die down to a somewhat normal pace once more. There was a time when I didn't work, just wrote all day. I got a lot done, but I've also proven to be incredibly productive even when my days are devoted to something else. You have to love it [writing, art, whatever it is you want to do with your life], and you have to make yourself do it. It's so easy to get distracted, so easy to say tomorrow. But you just can't let yourself put it off.

In attempt to put some real time into it, I'm devoting my entire Saturday to editing in hopes of getting through the next 180 pages and calling it good. I'll be spending that time watching the Harry Potter films and drinking some homemade butterbeer—just have to come up with a recipe.

Seeing other people want to do something, want to call themselves something, but then never getting it done... that crushes me. I can feel exhaustion creeping through my skin, into my fingers, and I fear I'll either rant or fall asleep if I try to go on. Just... If you want to do something—really make a life of it—then please just do it. Put your time in and do it.