Another Edit Bites the Dust

I just finished yet another edit of Bloodline 3: Broken, and I'm so sick of looking at it that I can't express to you how much. And that's what I do—express things with words. I love writing until it starts to feel like work—then I tolerate it.

To reward myself, I'm going to start editing Bloodline 4: Alles. [The term Alles was adapted from the Romanian word Ales, which means chosen—it is the theme of book 4, and elaborates on the extent of Carly Morneau's powers.] The main reason I write is so I have all of these great stories I can go back and read later. And if I haven't read something in a long time, and the story gets stuck in my head, I can't wait to take another look at it. However, I have this problem where nothing is ever perfect, and I'm cursed to edit as I go—no matter how tired I may be. It could be 3 a.m., and I've got my laptop propped up on it's side as I lay in bed, barely conscious, just trying to get through another chapter, when I find it: something small that probably wouldn't matter to anyone else but me. In those particular instances, I've gotten pretty good at typing with one finger.

I just realized how blurry this screen is, and that I've basically been staring at a computer for the last 12 hours. Time to give my eyes a break, I suppose...