There was a Time

Sometimes the whole concept of technology overwhelms me—which is ironic coming from someone who gets constant Facebook and email updates on her phone. The internet is kind of like space, unending with its vast amounts of information. I go through phases where I don't feel like checking my email, and I could care less about Facebook. There's too much out there to suck up my time, especially when I've got a book to edit.

I didn't grow up with a computer in the house, and I didn't own a computer until I was in college. I wrote everything by hand until then, relishing the thought of a new notebook and pack of ballpoint pens. There was always a story to create, no matter the means to write it. Although life is so much easier with a MacBook Air [and spellcheck], it's nice to know there was a time in my life when none of that mattered. That there was a time when I wasn't a slave to technology, when life didn't revolve around what other people were doing on the internet. Sometimes I turn off my wireless network connection and pretend to go back to that time. And I'd argue that I get a lot more work done in the process.