Saturday Morning

I just set a pot of coffee to brew after opening a fresh bag of Sumatra beans, one of my faves. On most days, life is not allowed to start until I've had a cup of coffee. This is especially true on Saturdays. Assuming I'm home, I generally spend my Saturday mornings drinking a pot of coffee and watching home improvement shows. [The most home improvement you'll see me doing is painting, but whatever, it's my tradition.] This Saturday I'm sharing my Macbook screen with a monstrous 99,000-word Word document, containing a novel that I've written and rewritten and rewritten some more for about the past 8 years. It's something that, like all of my novels, will never truly be finished, and will certainly never cross paths with a publisher. It's a story that's just for me—it's the story that I always come back to whenever I need a break. I think every artist needs something like this, some never-ending project that they can continuously mold and shape, something that's comfortable, always fits, always makes you feel good, and always puts you in the mood to be creative. Some might consider it a waste of time, to continually pour myself into something that I'll never share with the world, but I consider any work more than worth it if it keeps me sane. When you walk in a world of creativity, and when you live in the middle of nowhere, it's very important to do whatever it takes to keep your brain balanced.I know there are more books looming inside of me, waiting to be spilled from my fingertips onto my keyboard, and their time will come. But for now it's just me, a cup of coffee, and a story that will live on without ever seeing the end.