I go through phases where I write like crazy, and other phases where I just need a break. After turning in the final copy of Legends to my editor, it was definitely time for a break. I've been occupying my free time memorizing lines for my community play and playing countless games of Settlers of Catan on my iPad. Both of these have served as great distractions from my inevitable passion, my inescapable need to get words down on, well, not paper, but a Macbook screen. The nice thing about taking a break is that soon enough, whether I want it to or not, the fever returns—the inherent need to lose myself in a story. 

If you've read Legacy, you may have noticed all of the bands I've mentioned throughout the book—all bands I listen to on a regular basis. My creativity is pretty much entirely fueled by good music, and whether I'm in a creative mood or not, popping in a CD or bringing up an album in iTunes is a surefire way to get my fingers moving across the keyboard. Certain albums put me in certain moods, and listening to some old Bright Eyes or Pedro the Lion, regardless of how I feel before it reaches my ears, is guaranteed to put me in the right mindset. I've been thinking lately that if I go on a strict diet of Fevers & Mirrors and Control that I'll be able to sit down and get back to work no problem. That is, if I can stop listening to The Black Keys any time soon...