"LEGENDS" Cover Art

Legends Cover.jpg

I was very excited to find this in my email: the preliminary cover art for Legends by Gary McCluskey. I'm currently doing the final read-through of the book, and am hoping to get that back to my editor soon. Reading through the novel again makes me want to jump right into working on the third. If only I had an endless amount of time to do so.

I've finished my first edit of AFTER the FALL, and was reminded of the importance of a rough draft. I made changes on pretty much every page—which was totally fine. You don't write for perfection, you write to get the story out. Perfection can come later, sometimes after 20 or 30 read-throughs. You can't hope of getting to perfect if you're not writing in the first place.

I'm very excited to write the next novel in the AFTER the FALL series, but am delayed by this final read-through of Legends, and a leading role in my community play. We're performing a soap opera murder mystery spoof entitled "Let's Hang Him and Read the Will," and between practices and memorizing lines, it's consuming most of my spare time.

No matter what may come in life, I know I'll always have a story to tell. Having time to write them all down, however, is another story...