My life the past several weeks has consisted of the following: work at my day job/writing/editing. I am pleased [on many, many levels] that this weekend I was able to complete my mini-athology, Bloodline: Lost Archives, which consists of the following short stories:

1. The Basics of Shapeshifting
2. The Sacrifice
3. The Lost Shepherd

I put a lot of thought into these stories and scrapped severals drafts of each before finally settling on the tales in their present state. There is a huge difference between writing for the fun of it and writing specifically for the purpose of publication. I am not used to the latter, but have deep appreciation for a deadline and the work that goes into meeting it. 

This week I emailed my editor my concept of the cover art for book two of the Bloodline series, Legends, which includes a seaside backdrop of the North Shore and distant view of Grand Manor. I do hope this scene makes the cover, as it is the magnetic beauty of the landscape that drew me to write about this area of the country in the first place. Perhaps shapeshifters don't actually dwell in those magical woods, but something as equally imaginative just might...