Reading: Cavalier County Library

I had a great time Tuesday evening doing a reading/ signing of Legacy at the Cavalier County Library in Langdon. I read the second chapter of my novel, and aside from the fact that I was standing in front of a bunch of people I didn't know, it went really well. We had a decent crowd, and I sold a number of books [I only have 1 copy left, and am awaiting another shipment from my publisher]. It still blows my mind when people request a signature on their book. I never dreamed that someone would want my autograph. It's something I may not get used to any time soon.

Below on the left, my friend Kevin Lenagh is sketching a picture of Carly Morneau as her primary shapeshifter form of a white fox. I'm busy labeling his other drawings: one of Gabriel Hutchinson, and one of Gabriel's primary form as a gray and white wolf. On the right is Kevin's depiction of Carly.

I've had people ask me where the inspiration for my animals came from. I spent several weeks working through this novel in my head before I started writing. It wasn't necessarily that it dawned on me one day what the animals should be, but it was more like the world already existed, and I wasn't so much creating it as gleaning from it. The characters were always there, in some other realm, I was just lucky enough to stumble upon them. I think there's something about discovering a story this way that translates well to the reader. I don't always know what's going to happen before I write it, which means at times I'm discovering the story right alongside everybody else. Explaining my writing process is difficult, because I'm not really sure how it all works. I do know this: I love writing. And so far that's gotten me a long way...