Work in Progress

I'm currently working on a series of 3 short stories, tentatively titled Bloodline: Lost Archives, intended to promo Legends, the second book in the Bloodline series. The story I'm trying to write now follows the character of Cassandra Hutchinson, Gabriel's mother, in the days/weeks before her mysterious disappearance in the caves outside of Sterling, MN. The difficulty is that her disappearance is mentioned in all 5 books, and I don't want to write details into this short story that will cause rewrites in the last 3 novels. I've been spending more time scouring through manuscripts and recalling information than I have writing.

This will be my third attempt at writing this story. The first time, the voice and layout and everything I was attempting just weren't working for me. A couple thousand words in, I realized I had to scrap it. So I started writing again. The second draft is going much better; the writing is much more me. However, when looking through the manuscript for the third book, I realized that I have the timeline way off. I need to fastforward a year into the future. Actually, I realized that when I woke up this morning. I opened my eyes, looked at my Pomerian Samus who was sleeping by my head, and said, "Crap, I have to rewrite the whole thing."

The best tool you have as a writer, or an artist of any kind, is your gut. Trust your instincts. It's better to throw something away and start over than to produce something that isn't really you. In the end, you're the one who has to defend it. Write what you love, and that won't be a problem.