The crowd that gathered for my signing/reading at the Carnegie Regional Library in Grafton, ND was small on Thursday evening, but I consider the event a success. I spent a considerable amount of time talking to 12-year-old Zion, who'd read my book in one day and kept asking when #2 will be out. He was really excited about the world I'd created and had a million questions for me. He reminded me why I saught publication in the first place—because I didn't think it was fair to keep my story to myself. A special thanks goes out to Jill and the staff at Carnegie Regional Library, Zion, and everyone else who attended.

Kevin Drawing.JPG

My friend Kevin Lenagh was kind enough to draw illustrations from Legacy throughout the evening. His sketch of my character Gabriel in his primary form as a gray and white wolf (below) was so magnificent that my camera autodetected a face in the image when the picture was taken. I'm still blown away by the people you can meet in the middle of nowhere North Dakota.

Finished Wolf.JPG

I'll be at the Cavalier County Library in Langdon on Tuesday, August 2, and would love to see you there. Kevin will be doing more drawings and giving them away at the end of the evening. Come if you'd like to know more about my book, talk about writing, or just hang out with a bunch of very creative folks!!