I am very pleased to post a review of Legacy by 13-year-old Langdon, ND resident Dawson E. Schefter:

"Michelle Bredeson's Legacy is a thrilling novel about a sixteen-year-old girl forced to move from the Twin Cities after her mother's sudden death to a much smaller unsuspecting town. When teenage romance and secrets arise, Carly is overwhelmed with information and feelings. In Legacy, Carly winds through several exciting challenges as she begins her new life as what she is meant to be. I found Legacy a well-written, easy to follow novel—the colorful words and expressions make your heart pound. It is easy to mentally visualize every scene, wether in a thrilling moment or just a normal setting. I liked how [Bredeson] presented the characters in the book as normal people who just happen to have another form of being. [Bredeson] did such an outstanding job if I hadn't known otherwise, I would've guessed she had been published several times. I would definitely recommend this book to all peers and adults!"

Thanks, Dawson, for your kind words...