It's Work

Sometimes I get myself into a jam in writing, but I wouldn't necessarily call it writer's block. Writer's block is when you're completely stuck and have no idea what to do next. What I experience is knowing full-well what I need to do next, but also knowing how much work it's going to be. For instance, I'm 120 pages into this novel, and am realizing that in order to turn it into a trilogy [successfully], I need to make one of the characters several years older. This will allow a now minor character to grow into a more vital part of the story later on, thus creating more story to work with. But what does this mean right now? It means I have to stop writing and go back and change the story to accomodate said plot. It's work.

One thing that writing so much has taught me is to trust my gut. If a story wants to go in a certain direction, it's my duty as the writer to take it there. I have to trust that I know what I'm doing [even when I don't] and let the story show me how it wants to develop. There have been times when out of nowhere I think back over a novel I've written and realize it needs to be expanded. What does that mean? It means the story wasn't really finished, and I've got more time to put in. I think I've rewritten not only the ending, but added tens of thousands of words to 3 or 4 novels just because I thought I should. It's work.

I highly prescribe to the philosophy that a story is never truly done. It always has room for growth. I'm not necessarily talking about just fixing a couple of typos either. As a writer, I can only communicate so much of the story to you—I can only show you a portion of everything I'm able to see. But also as a writer, I'm able to see almost everything, which means I have to pick out the most important parts of the story so I can communicate them to you. There's a large portion left over that I wasn't able to show you, and perhaps even a larger portion that I have yet to discover. But that's okay, folks, because it simply means I'll have another story to tell. Another novel to start—another book to finish. The possibilities never end, and so long as I don't tire, neither will I. Even so, it's work...