legacy release date announced


I started a new job this week doing ad design for the local newspaper. [It's probably best I don't give you a link, as I have no design experience and am learning as I go—hence, I could potentially be very embarrassed if anyone with design experience were to critique me.] So working and writing have been my week. That always seems to be my week.

A friend asked for a brief description of the novel I'm currently writing [tentatively titled the Multum series—I expect 3 books] and since I spent a few minutes typing it up anyway, I figured I should share:

My main character, Gemma, is a lifeguard, and in the opening scene she's on duty at the pool when her forever crush, Elliott, shows up, dives into the water, and nearly drowns until she dives in after him, pulls him out, and successfully performs CPR. He tracks her down to thank her, and discovers that she can talk to animals—a coveted talent known as Second Speech. Then she discovers that he's (something I refer to as) Multum—which is basically a witch possessing many powers. Gemma befriends a stray black cat, Silas, and the two are soon inseparable. Elliott informs her that finding him isn't a coincidence, and that he's to be her Guide on her journey to become Multum. She has no interest in becoming part of Elliott's secret life, but if she refuses, she'll have no need for a Guide and Silas will die.

Of course, while all this is happening, she's falling in love with Elliott—but Multum have arranged marriages and are given the name of their future spouse on their 18th birthdays. His is coming up in just a few months, and he's purposely never had a relationship with anyone so he can save himself for his future wife. (We'll see how long that lasts.)

In order to become Multum and be in the running to be with Elliott, Gemma must perform 3 tasks assigned by the Multum Council (which is comprised of many of the parents of Gemma's Multum friends). The first is weather manipulation—which she knows nothing about, but Elliott happens to specialize in. (PS, her best friend, Janie, has moved to Salem, MA for the summer and has been mysteriously not returning any of her calls or emails—which will be a huge plot point at the end of the book).

That's the first 100 pages or so. I would have freaked out for a book like this when I was 16. That's bascially my goal—write books I would have loved at 16. And now, thanks to JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyer, people might actually want to read them...