the things you can find

I was looking up my website on my Android phone eariler this evening and came across something interesting on Google: a review of my short story "Lone September Night" from The Middle of Nowhere anthology. The beginning of the review is daunting, as the reviewer makes it very clear that she was largely unimpressed with the collection. But she then goes on to state that there were a few authors (I was lucky enough to be in that group) whose work was "pretty good"—I'll take it! Here's what she had to say:

"Michelle Bredeson’s story 'Lone September Night' has very little action, save for the sound of a scream that keeps repeating at odd intervals.  What makes it creepy is that there are three teenagers stranded in a house in the middle of the country with nothing but a shotgun.  (I mean nothing – they leave the house to figure out what the noise is, and somehow the door gets locked behind them, their car doesn’t work, the power and phone go out.  Absolutely nothing but each other, a gun, and the dark.)  They wind up hiding in a barn.  We never find out what exactly is terrorizing them, and I think that only adds to the terror of the story.  Instead of opting for a lame ending with a predictable monster, Bredeson opts to remind us that the most frightening thing isn’t what we know, it’s what we can’t see or explain."

I've heard the whole BS about how ALL reviews are good, even if they're bad. I'm just happy this one casts a positive light on a story that I love. Oh, the things you can find on Google...