culture shock

After spending the last 4 years in the Twin Cities, CCB and I packed up everything we owned and now live in a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom house in Langdon, ND. To say the least, it's quite a change. The day after we moved in, we both ended up with the stomach flu. We're now in day 4 of our new house and it feels like nothing is done. I unpacked a dozen or so boxes in the kitchen, which is decked out in yellow 70's countertops and white and yellow tile beneath yellow plaster walls. There's a lot of work to do, which is nice in a sense because it's distracting me from the fact that I no longer live in the city. The nearest Walmart is about 70 minutes from here. The nearest Starbucks is almost 2 hours away. Definitely a change of pace.

I've got about a million things to do, but first and foremost I have to write the blurb that will appear on the back of my novel and send it in to my editor. After puking my guts out yesterday morning, I fell asleep and had a dream that I was writing. I hope to get this house in shape soon so I'm able to turn that dream into a reality. Minus the puking, of course.