yeah, i know

i am blatantly aware of the realization that i haven't blogged in quite some time. here's why...

  1. I have been slaving away finishing the [hopefully] final draft of my novel
  2. I am moving from Minneapolis, MN to the middle of nowhere ND at the end of March
  3. I spent last week at work sorting through 200 [seriously] resumes trying to find a replacement for myself
  4. Replacement found: now I get to train them
  5. Once in ND, CCB and I will be running 2 businesses: Farming & IT Consulting. I will be managing the administrative side of both
  6. We don't have a place to live yet in ND, and are showing our townhouse here in the city while trying to pack—moving sucks

so yeah, the past few weeks have majorly sucked. i used to come home and relax and spend a few hours writing and/or editing every night. now i come home and clean and/or pack while i try to shake off how crazy my days at work have been. i've only got another month of this to put up with and then i will have a lot more time to myself. translation: more time to write. and i can't wait.

when i do find a minute alone with my computer, i'm spending it reading what i would describe as my guilty pleasure novel. it's a completely self-indulgent novel i wrote a few years ago. its only purpose is, well, self-indulgance. my friend B's read it, but other than that no one else will ever have the pleasure. i wrote it just for me—just to have something i can turn to to fill the space in my mind every once in a while. it's good to have a piece like that, but more importantly to understand that that's what it is. i think sometimes stories end up sucking because the writer's being too self-indulgent. granted, we all are to some extent, but there's got to be a plot in there somewhere, folks. it's not always about the hot rock star falling in love with you. there have to be other things that move the story along, that make the reader want to turn the page. i mean, come on.

anyway, i hope to have my life back soon. to have some semblance of a routine. and to spend a hell of a lot more time writing. getting published for me is an after-thought, and still so much in the planning stages that it's a dream more than anything. what i really love, and what i want to do with my life, is write. hope i get to do more of that soon...