I had lasik eye surgery at the Whiting Clinic in St Louis Park, MN on Friday morning. I went in for a follow-up exam on Saturday morning to check my eyes (my vision was terrible to begin with), and my combined vision was 20/20. Having lasik is one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I highly recommend it to anyone who's interested.

I was in the operating room for 10 minutes total. The doctor had me lay down on a padded table, and they slid me under the laser. There they gave me eyedrops to numb my eyes, and covered my left eye while they worked on my right. They used clear stickers to tape my eyelids back (very clockwork-orange), and put some kind of plastic contraption in my eye so I wouldn't be able to blink. I don't know what exactly happened during that time, but there was some weird pressure, and then I totally couldn't see (I think they were cutting the flap in my eye then so the laser could make contact). Then they used their magic laser to correct my vision. After the right eye was done, they covered that and did the left. A few minutes later I was done. Probably the part that freaked me out the most was the strange burning smell from the laser. So if you have the procedure done, understand that that's normal.

The numbing drops started to wear off during the drive home. I was hoping to fall asleep right away, as that's what they recommend, by my right eye was burning and itching really bad for about two hours. The left eye was fine, but the right eye hurt like hell. After a two-hour nap, I woke up and put in my regimented eye drops and felt a lot better. Everything was still a bit blurry at this point, but I was able to watch TV without issue. Later that evening my eyes were feeling much better, and I read a book for a few hours. I read most of the weekend, but only used my laptop for a few minutes (as it was annoying to look at the screen.) I was sick to my stomach all day Friday, but felt a lot better overall the next day.

It was a little weird driving this morning when it was still dark out, as the streetlights and headlights of other cars looked like stars. Seenig halos around lights in the dark is a common symptom and should get better over time.

I am not supposed to wear any eye makeup or get my eyes wet for a week (tricky), but I should be back to normal after that. No eye-rubbing for a month. The strangest part is I keep thinking I need to take my contacts out every night. Again, if you've been thinking about having lasik done, I highly recommend it. My whole life has changed from just a few minutes on an operating table.