Today is my last day wearing glasses [or contacts]. Maybe not ever, as I might require reading glasses in my 50's, but I plan to live it up for the next 20 years or so. My lasik surgery is scheduled for 8 AM tomorrow morning. I plan to post my experience as soon as I'm able to read a computer screen.

Last night I finished the last major edit of my manuscript and all necessary changes have been put into my digital copy. Now I am taking my time to read through it again and make sure all seems okay. It's strange to think that the words I'm reading are soon going to be in print for anyone to read. My soul on paper, exposed. Yeah, that's kind of daunting. At least I love the story. It doesn't matter who reads it, or even who hates it, because I love it. And I guess, at this stage, that's all that matters.

One interesting thing about my book is that the main characters are obsessed with music, and their "soundtrack" is mentioned throughout the novel. I am in the process of compiling a list of noted artists, as this theme continues through the series and I need some way to keep track them. Music is less of a priority in the latter novels, although I'd like to add some references to stay consistent. Ah, consistency, you are my friend.

I had a dream earlier this week that I was reading a book and as the story progressed there was more ink on the pages. The text became bolder, and random ink splatters occurred where the novel was most intense. I would love to use this effect on a book someday, if ever given such creative liberties. Who knows? Maybe someone's already beat me to it. In which case, they are awesome.