magical laser beams

In preparation for lasik eye surgery at the Whiting Clinic in St. Louis Park on Friday morning, I am stuck wearing my brown tortoiseshell glasses for the remainder of the week. A small price to pay for 20/20 vision. For those of you curious about the procedure, it's my understanding that the following will happen: I'll be given an anesthetic to numb my eyes, some sort of suction/vacuum tube will be attached to my eyeball, my doctor will cut a flap open and then shoot his magical laser beams into my eye, thus correcting my severe near-sightedness. After the procedure, I'm asked to go home and sleep for 4-6 hours, and then I'm supposed to wake up with close to perfect vision. My sight should be near perfect the next day, but it may takes weeks or even months for my body to adjust to the change and have actual perfect vision. I have been plagued by glasses and contacts since the sixth grade, so I'm really looking forward to the surgery. The concept of seeing my alarm clock when I wake up in the night is spectacular.

We celebrated my husband CCB's 30th birthday on Friday evening. We had several guests despite the snowstorm, and as small-town newspapers like to say: a good time was had by all. This was the second weekend in a row that we've had company. I love having people over, but it majorly cuts into my ability to get any reading/revising/writing done. This coming weekend I plan to lay low, revel in my newfound eyesight, and finish revising my book. I've always got a couple new projects lined up in my brain, and I'd really like to start something fresh as soon as I get the chance.