infinite possibilities

so i started another novel, i don't know, thursday maybe. it's something i hadn't intended to write [at all], and after stumbling through the first 30 pages or so, i'm now 55+ pages in and finally figuring out a plot. this is a sequal to a novel i wrote for nanowrimo 2008, entitled WTSHTF (when the shit hit the fan). my working title is broken utopia, and there will be at least one more book after this. the story takes place in a parallel universe, which is good because there are infinite possibilities of where the story can go, but it's also the most sci-fi thing i've ever written so that presents some challenges. but i like to force myself out of my comfort zone sometimes, so we'll see what happens.

been really addicted to david bazan the past week or so. his music is a lot like bright eyes for me, in that i go through these phases where i can't listen to it because it makes me way too depressed. guess i'm on the upswing though. if you haven't heard it, his new bazan: live at electrical audio is fantastic. it features 3 songs from his fewer moving parts ep, which is just a spectacular representation of his body of work. cold beer and cigarettes in particular is a great track. who else starts a song: a white ghost, making his way up the west coast, trying to focus his high hopes on a vagina or two. i just love it...