my current music obsession is the CD Evil Urges by My Morning Jacket. if it's possible to have a crush on an album, yeah, i do. you know, the kind of thing where you can't stop smiling when you hear it, and you kind of get butterflies in your chest when you consider how awesome it is. any album that can have two such contradictory pieces as Highly Suspicious and Librarian on the same CD and they work, well, yeah... hence the crush.

so a couple weeks ago i finished the first edit of my latest novel Shy [old news], then wrote a completely new query letter for Gifted. which, of course, i have yet to send out. then last week i finished probably my 30th edit of Gifted, in case, you know, i ever get around to querying it. it sucks, too, because i am totally ready to start writing another book [the first of a trilogy, if you're interested], but i won't let myself until i send out a few query letters. needless to say, the book is on hold, and i'm currently editing the 2nd of 5 books in the Gifted series, Chosen, as consolation.

the thing about writing is this: nothing's ever finished. everything could always use a little more work. that's why when i'm not creating something new, i'm revising something old. and i don't mind at all, because the reason i write stories in the first place is so they're permanent - so i can live through the characters again and again.

still, i've got to get some query letters out. god, i hate this more than traffic...