i had a good weekend. spent most of saturday afternoon at southdale mall with friends. i hate malls; i hate all those people in one place. S drug me into the apple store. the ipad was released on saturday, so the place was teeming with people. after 15 minutes of looking at an ipad, with people continually bumping into me, S looked at me and said: "you don't like crowds, do you?" and all i could think was: you're my best friend; you know this.

i am incredibly excited to see david bazan perform this evening at the turf club in st. paul. he is my #2 all-time favorite singer/songwriter [only second to conor oberst]. have been listening to old pedro the lion all morning in anticipation. i'd love it if he played backwoods nation, but i'd settle for of minor prophets and their prostitute wives. or, you know, both would rock. doors don't open until 8; it's going to be a late night.

we spent easter with CCB's aunt and uncle in plymouth. i tend to avoid my family on holidays, or really any other day of the year. there is a reason i prefer to be alone.