road rage

while i hate, hate, hate driving in the city [well, the suburbs actually], i usually keep the road rage to a minimum. and by that i mean i only swear to myself in the car. but this morning i let it get to me and flipped someone off.

so i was at the intersection of 65 and 73rd at this asinine stoplight that only stays green for like 30 seconds and then turns red for 4 minutes or so. anyway, i was hoping to cruise through the thing while it was green so, you know, i didn't have to sit there forever. this douche in front of me was going fairly slow, but i was certain we could both make it through no problem. guess he had different plans, because he slammed on his breaks and stopped even though the light was still green. okay, he didn't want to push it - whatever. but then as soon as it turned yellow he stomped on the gas and sped through it, leaving a very unhappy michelleb at a red light. so yeah, i was left with no choice but to give him the finger.

i think there's something in suburban water that makes people bad drivers. that must be it...