dork focus

it's saturday morning: probably my favorite part of the week. i'm not much for sleeping in, so i just wake up, drink a pot of coffee, watch holmes on homes, write. it's a marvelous escape. i guess that's what writing is about: escape. good or bad, i've come to see everything as a story. like when i was dusting last week and imagined a woman dusting her apartment, weeping because it's the longest she'd ever lived in one place - enough time for it to collect dust. hm...

my friend N coined possibly the greatest expression of our time this week: dork focus. she was referring to getting stats homework done, but i'm telling you, it's genius. god, i love my friends.

lately i've been thinking that i would like my life better if there were constant voice-over narration - sans the wonder years. narration can be incredible when it's done right. two prime examples: richard dreyfuss in stand by me and giovanni ribisi in the virgin suicides. i thought of this because a major part of editing a book [at least when i do it] is to read it out loud. have you ever read a 400+ page book out loud? well, it's really something.

so my last writing project was to rewrite the last 50 pages of this novel i'd finished a couple years ago. this is always a leery endeavor, as i pretty much deleted all that work and started over. but 50 pages soon turned into 80, and i'm quite happy with the rewrite. so to take a break from that, i'm editing an entirely different novel. yes, my break from writing is to do more writing. but when something like this is in your blood, well, why would you do anything else?