sticky memories

i am home in the twin cities after a relaxing (but short) four days in northern north dakota. if you want desolate, the bredeson farm outside of fairdale, nd is certainly the place. i spent most of my time drinking coffee, watching movies, and reading "behemoth" by scott westerfeld, a very appreciated christmas present. now i just have to wait for the third book in the trilogy. waiting for a book to come out sure is a bitch sometimes.

if you've never been to north dakota, here's a glimpse of what you're missing. (there's a road off to the right there, even though you can't see it.) there wasn't as much snow as we've had here in minnesota, but it's colder there. and the hoarfrost on the trees had hoarfrost. very pretty.

i had my edit workbook for Legacy waiting for me when i got home. very exciting, but it also means work. right now i'm just reading through it, noting my editor's suggestions, and making notes of my own to change on the second edit. i went through 60 pages tonight, and am on pace to finish my first read through thursday evening. i have friday off work, so it will be a perfect morning to catch up on my sleep. i ordered some books from amazon last night, and plan to spend my weekend reading as a break.

the books showing up soon are all young adult paranormal, including a couple of books i read in high school and loved. i remember exactly where i was when i read the secret diaries series by janice harrell. my parents had split up, and my mom didn't really have a permanent place to live yet, so we were staying with friends here and there. one of those friends was an adjunct teacher at my private school. she lived in a tiny house on the lake, and had stacks of books in pretty much every spare space. she taugh me how to play scrabble amongst other things. we'd sit in her living room with a scrabble board on a tv tray and play game after game. she's probably the only reason i'm any good at the game now. anyway, i read those books over some school break on her couch. it's amazing how some random couch can hold such great memories when something like imagination is involved. all i want out of this whole writing thing is to do that for someone else. to give someone else those kinds of sticky memories. we'll just have to see if those books still give me the same butterflies they once did 10+ years ago...