whatever the reason

i drove to work this morning in the dark, over snowy streets, rain falling on the slick roads. there was something about fresh rain, about the prospect of it being too warm to turn into snow, that made me smile. i think david bazan was right when he wrote: "the longest winter is on her way, you called her without knowing it, but now it's too late." i sure as hell like my seasons, but all of this snow is getting old. fast.

i posted a new flash fiction story today, white fog, which you may read if you please. the weather phenomenon described in the story is something i experienced in the early months of the year while driving through north dakota. on this particular day the air was warm, but the earth was cold, creating a dense cloud of consendation in the atmosphere. but isn't wasn't just that - it was so freaking bright out that everywhere you turned was white. completely, totally, undeniably white. so the prospect of something in that fog, of it maybe being the only thing for miles... i guess to me that's scary.

my cat pippin just jumped up on the couch next to me. he's a short-haired tabby manx, which means he has a little stub tail. yes, as far as i know, he was born that way. he's always my buddy around the house, maybe because my laptop's so warm. whatever the reason, it's nice to have something love you so much. (even if he's just in it for the risidual heat.)

last night i finished reading the short story, "a stone woman", by a.s. byatt from her little black book of stories. the title leads you to believe it's about a woman sitting on her couch eating bonbons and watching her stories, wasting away into nothing. instead it was a beautifully written, articulate story with more life and color than i'd expected. yet another story of hers that's suprised me.  i am really looking forward to reading the remaining two in the collection.