oh yeah, you betcha

got good news from my editor last night: she's gone through my manuscript and is sending me a red-lined copy with edits. which means i now get to read through the ms (manuscript), verify changes, and sent it back for final approval before it goes to press. i'm actually very excited for this process, as i spend as much time editing as i do writing. i write the kinds of books that i want to read, and therefore i like to read them. and do. a lot. i'm kind of hoping it gets to me before CCB and me head off to ND for christmas, although if it does, i'll surely spend the entire time working instead of relaxing. but what's so wrong with that?

i'm watching fargo (which i've thankfully seen before) on cable. i love all the minnesota references: brainerd, white bear lake, and the shot of the twin cities skyline at the beginning of the film. all the "oh yeah"s and "you betcha"s and "don't ya knows" are quite humorous. trust me, everyone in minnesota talks like that. we certainly do, you betcha.

this winter's too long. it's never grated on me like this before, but there's so much snow on the ground and more on the way. i just need some kind of distraction, something to take my mind off of it for a while. maybe a new book to read since writing isn't going so well for me right now. or maybe a new hobby. i could teach myself how to juggle or something - wait, no hand-eye coordination. crap. guess that's one of the reasons i started writing in the first place.

earlier this week i had a free consultation at the whiting clinic in st. louis park. i got the go-ahead for lasik eye surgery, and am scheduled to get zapped at the end of january. i've worn glasses/contacts since the sixth grade (aka: a long time). i'm very excited to wake up in the middle of the night and actually be able to see my alarm clock. oh yeah, you betcha.