i love writing

this novel was going great until i got sick on sunday. the first six days i averaged 5,000 words a day, which was pretty miraculous. i think i'm close to 34,000 on day nine now. it's easy to feel stuck this far into the story. i just try to focus on the next scene, figure out what's essential to the story. you can give yourself some leeway in the first half of the book, building your characters and relationships and whatnot, but after that you really have to drill down and focus on where the story needs to go. i still have a few weeks to figure it out, so i'll probably be okay [insert sarcastic pat on the back here].

found out some pretty freaking amazing news last night. i was offered a contract with Pill Hill Press to publish my novel Bloodline Volume I: Legacy. not only am i stoked because they want to publish me, but also because i'm in love with this press. they're not much more than a year old, and based out of a supposedly haunted house in nebraska. what's more fabulous than someone publishing horror stories out of a haunted house? not whole lot. anyway, i'm trying to keep a real perspective on this. they are a small press, and this one book isn't going to make me rich or famous. but i'm getting out of it what i want to get out of it, and that's for people to read my stories. i love writing more than i can imagine anyone else loving writing, and i'm excited to be able to share a piece of that.

okay so the album high violet by the national is my new favorite. it's fantastic music to write to. at least i've got something to get me through the end of the month...